18 January 2012

An Old Man's Tale

I was walking the long narrow gantries of the hangers in Eygfe marveling at the sheer size of the mighty vessels I could pilot. I do it to remind myself that even as an immortal among the stars, there is always something bigger than myself. I must have walked for a few hours when I came upon an elderly man sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe, and seemed to be lost in the same train of thought as myself.

I asked if I could join him on the bench to enjoy the view of the Abaddon that was sitting nearby floating in the magnetic constrictors of the bay. He granted my request and together we sat in silence for about 10 minutes.

"Many years ago a young man not to different from yourself sat here with me." Said the old man. "He too was a Capsuleer. Handsome lad he was, smart, a bit full of himself. But he was ready to take on the world."

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"He died taking on the world. Thought the words of a tired old man meant nothing. He died while speaking his last words to me.

"'I should have listened to you old man.' He says, I could hear the fear in his voice. 'I never should have taken on the world so soon.'"

I sat silent, studying the man. That is when I noticed the many plugs a Capsuleer has upon one's body to allow the complex control of the ships we fly. I wondered why he was so old and why he never updated his clone to keep the youth so many crave.

The old man spoke again, "One day the boy came to me for advice, I gladly offered the answers he craved. He hung on my every word. He became quite the pilot. I tracked his missions and rewards. He was always more interested in combat than anything else. Occasionally he did some mining when his wallet began to get a little thin. He never did complain though."

I could see the the man's eyes a level of admiration for the "boy." I was no intrigued as to why the man was telling me this story but I felt I should hear him out. I was always raised to never interrupt your elders when they speak.

The man sat silent for a moment, as if remembering a long forgotten memory. He spoke again.

"As time went on he became skilled in bigger, better ships. He traveled farther away. Found friends and made enemies. He never did forget where he started though, always coming back to sit with me and tell his stories, share a drink or two, and sleep on my couch.

"Often did he bring home a lady friend for the night. But he never seemed tired the next day as he climbed into his pod and docked to his ship for the next journey across the stars."

I had at this point realized that the Abaddon had left and was replaced by a Rifter. It was barely bigger than an armor plate of the previous ship but was still much larger than myself and still had an aura of power around it. The man spoke after a few puffs of his pipe....

"We always kept in touch with each other. Even across the stars at three in the morning I would get a message from him regaling me with his tales of adventure with ISK counts and killboards. I told him to keep to his basics and perfect his new found skills.

"I was so proud of him. Sometimes I would receive a courier package with some war trophy that he acquired. Some a small container of DNA from another pilot he had killed or a ship he had found. It was quite impressive really. I sent back messages of thank you and small bits of advice."

It was at this moment I realized he was speaking about his son. This man had given up the power of gods for a family. It was the these very gods that would take his son from him. I couldn't stop what I said.

"You must have loved him very much. He had to feel the same way to you." I said under hushed tones.

The man looked at me with an approving nod. He had a look of pride when I said that. I could also see a tear building up in his real eye. The other being a synthetic replacement from a past fight of some kind.

"You can read me well, my boy." He said as he removed the pipe from his mouth.

"I guess so, Sir."

He repacked his pipe with tobacco, "I suppose you would like to continue listening to my story then.

"You can read me well, Sir." I said with a chuckle. We both began to chuckle.

He continued, "Well one day I got a disheartening message. He had lost his ship and pod to another Capsuleer. This particular pilot was a notorious pirate in the lower securities. A more evil man could not be found at the time. In his anger and cockiness he exited the Clone bay without prepping a new clone, not even the base model. He bought himself a new ship, fitted it with the best gear and took off to get his revenge.

"I sent him a message to return for a clone and to wait out this revenge. His chance would come. He said he was caught by surprise and it wouldn't happen again. He wont loose again. I told him to stop but he cut the comm line and I didn't hear from him again for three long hours. I keep a recording of our last conversation on me to remind me to never return to the stars."

He pulled out an old recording device. It must have been at least 100 years old. He pressed the playback button.

"Dad? You there?"

"I'm here. What's wrong, my boy?"

"Dad, do you know anybody out here? I called my Corp but they could only send a few pilots. I need help."

"I'm sorry but I don't know anybody over there anymore. How long until your friends show up?"

"I don't know. They are about ten jumps out. Aura says my ship won't last that long. He brought friends. I told him I wanted a fair fight, one on one."

"You knew from the start that wasn't gonna happen."

"I know. And now I'm scared. I'm scared Dad."

"I know, Son. I know."

"I should have listened to you old man. a faint chuckle. I never should have taken on the world so soon. And now the world wants me dead."

"Don't worry, soon things will be ok. Just calm yourself and stick to your basics."



"I miss mom."

"I know you do. I miss her too."

"Dad, my corp just sent me a message. They say they aren't coming anymore. It's to hot for just the few ships they have."

"That's fine, son. Fight like you have never fought before."

"I will. I will."

"How are you doing?"

"I have destroyed the tackler, but I cant break the tank on the battleship. I'm gonna work on the battlecruiser."

"Well done. Kill what you can and move on."



"Dad, I can't wait to see you again."

"Same here."

"I will be there before you can say Abaddo............."

And just like that the playback ended. I reached up to wipe the tears from my eyes. I felt my ring on my finger. I thought about my son. I thought about everyone I knew. I thought about this old man and what it was like to listen as his son died, unable to help. I looked at him and he was sitting perfectly still, like a statue. Tears streaming from his eye like the waterfalls I have seen on so many planets.

We sat in silence for about an hour. He broke the silence.

"Thanks for listening to an old man. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to our stories."

"The honor was mine, Sir. You have given me much to think about. Would you mind if I made a copy of this audio?"

"You can have it. I don't want it anymore."

He placed the object in my hand, grabbed his cane beside him, and stood up. "I hope you and the other gods of the stars never make the mistake my son did. The world is doomed if you do."

I looked down at my hands where the device sat. I looked back up to tell the man thank you but he had somehow vanished. I quickly stood up and looked over the railing, hoping he hadn't jumped. I saw nothing. He disappeared leaving only the voices of two dying people. One of his son, the other of himself dying on the inside.

I knew from that moment, I may be a god to those not blessed enough to become a Capsuleer. But to each other we are only cannon fodder. This probably won't stop me from doing what I do. But I will do it with a new perspective now.

I looked across the hanger bays and saw the pilot who owned the Rifter. He was fresh out of training and visibly shaking from either excitement or fear about what awaited him outside the station. I called out to him and he turned.

"Don't forget your basics, boy! And perfect every new skill!"

He waved and climbed into his ship with a new found vigor. I watched him take off. I returned to my ship for another round of fighting with my fellow gods.

"Stick with the basics, perfect your new skills." I told my crew over the internal comms.

We are gonna live another day.

25 December 2011

A New Eden Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas all through FMD, FWS and F-Taci
Not a pilot was stirring, not even Kreatus, or Ceribus in his Mackie
The ships were docked in their stations with care
In hopes that Christmas soon would be there

The miners were nestled all snug in their beds
Dreams of ice mining filling their heads
And I in my battleship, snuggled up to the controls
I'd just settled in Jita on a trip from Merolles

When suddenly in Firestorm Pub there arose such a chatter
I quickly switched chat tabs to see what was the matter
And what would I see as the public tab flashed
Nine pilots active, all sudden and brash

Nine pilots at once? There's only one man that could be
Why it's Kern and his alts, come to spread Holiday glee
And in a flash they emerged straight from the wormhole
Each one given fleet boosts, logistics and role

Go Fretman! Go Madame! Go Steve and Recondo!
On Doakke, Destiny, Chaotic and Leo.
To Sobaseki, to Funtainen we'll scare up a noob
Have Ruby start recording and put this stuff on YouTube!

Even Kreat stirred from his painkiller induced slumber
He'd hopefully prevent Kern from making this blunder
Into the station he stumbled and threw open the door
"Dammit Kern I told you we're not going to war!"

The man was dressed head to toe in combat gear
He craved PVP he'd been waiting all year.
"Calm down Kreat these noobs won't bother you in Hek"
"Hurry the hell up and prepare that War-Dec"

He hopped in his ship and to his team he gave a cry
"Off up to Sobaseki boys, we have some noobs to fry!"
He warped off in an instant and out of my sight
But I saw him in local "Merry Christmas to all and to all Good Fight!"

A poem by Ruby Steele, a member of FWS, Firestorm Federation

04 October 2011

Opportunity only knocks once

So as I was mining with Ceribus, a war was raging on the other side of the belt. Now normally, I wouldn't even cast a sensor in the direction of a fight. But this one had my attention pretty quick when I noticed it was a Sansha Nightmare and a Gallente Navy Comet wrecking an Orca. The Orca pilot must have realized he was beat and ejected hoping his Beloved ship would go down in a blazing glory. It did not. Rather, the attackers held their final shots and ran the pilot off with drones. The attackers then began a search for a buyer for the now abandoned Orca. Eventually the time to ask me came around. I was flying my own Orca at the time so I was hesitant to accept the comm line. They were asking 250 Million ISK for the Orca not knowing how it was fit. I said no thanks at first but then I remembered that the Alliance has a new member that would be needing an Orca soon. I asked him if he wanted it and he said he would love an Orca. I quickly began searching through my money reserves for the right amount. During this time the attackers had begun negotiations with another pilot for purchase of the capital ship. I pulled another 25 Million ISK bringing my offer up to 275 Million ISK. The attackers said it was mine if I could get there before the other pilot did. I pushed the engines on an old shuttle I had to the breaking point to get there before the other pilot. I beat him by mere seconds winning the prize. I paid the captors, and took delivery on the Orca, and did a quick inventory on what the ship had fit and what was in the holds. Turns out the 275mil ISK ship was actually worth about 350mil with the mods that were fit on it and the cargo it held. I never did tell them about that. I just took it back to station and prepped it for the long journey out to Minmatar space for the Alliance member. In the end it was a sound investment. I can only hope this happens again someday, but with an Apocalypse Imperial Issue. One can only dream.

26 August 2011

The Sleepers have risen....

Suddenly we realized it was just an illusion that there were sleepers on our sensors as we found ourselves amidst the wreckage of immobilized assault class vehicles
While the sleepers thought they had a firm grasp on the solar system the relentless team of firestorm operatives penetrated the immense sleeper stronghold and let loose a fury of scourge missiles with the precision of the finest snipers in the galaxy.
Not one sleeper ship survived as the squadron which called themselves the Firestorm swept across fortress to fortress leaving nothing but rubble in the wake of the unknown cosmos without so much as a scratch on their hulls.

Tirelessly the Firestorm crew pushed into the unknown poking every rock and turning every stone until the sleepers scurried from their hiding places and bits of space dust filled the void where they once slept.
The crew celebrated and cheered while the newest member took notes. Writing in his journal how every detail of the expedition turned at every corner on their route to glory. Picking up the Melted Nanoribbons scattered amongst the scraps.
Perched upon the galactic summit of sleeper carcasses stood the firestorm flag as it waved in the floating space dust that once was neural networking of sleeper drone brains. Now a silent gap of space like the gap in the pizza box they left behind.
The sleepers could not withstand the barrage of kinetic damage as the elite missiles breached their hulls. The unmanned space bots charged in with the courage of Leeeeroy Jenkins and it was a mistake that sealed their fate.
Deep on into the night the firestorm officers laughed and told stories of old during combat. The sleepers had no way to communicate or surrender as the attackers had their communications closed to outside signals. No one could hear their screams.
Little did the sleepers know their stuff was already being marked for order to the highest bidders and fences in the galaxy.
-Firestorm Wrecker Service
-F.W.S. BuzZBladE

23 April 2011

You gotta be kidding......

So as I've been working in other parts of New Eden, my son and the crews of our mining vessels were on "shore leave" in Mitsolen. I usually don't have a problem with this, they keep out of trouble and always keep me informed of whats going on. But this last one is something that will be keeping these guys and gals station side for some time. As most know, the Orca and Hulk have a large crew on each ship. They all were enjoying the sun and surf of one of Mitsolen more tropical planets when one of them spread the idea to head to a much cooler planet for some skiing. Trying to be the good boss, I allowed it. I gave instructions about behavior and what not. But I forgot one little line, DON'T GET SICK!

As luck would have it, they all got sick. All 328 crew members had a horrible case of the Ytterbian Cold. Nobody said anything about it and more to the point, they tried to hide it. After reviewing reports, filing paperwork, and paying bills I figured it best we relocate the mining team back to Muvolailen. So my greeting as I disembarked my shuttle? One tipsy Ceribus with a look in his eyes that said "You're about to kill me."

I took Ceribus to the Medical Clinic and they gave him a check-up he will never forget. They told me best thing to do is give him the "peanut butter" shot and hope for the best.

"I'm sorry, the what?"
"The Penicillin shot, sir. It's all we can really do at this point."

Now I've done my history and after 23,000 years still the best we can do for the cold is a shot that feels like concrete being injected into your butt. I could hardly believe my ears.

The nurse then added, "Sir, how long have you been with your son?"
"Just a day, been checking on my crews and such. They are all sick."
Judging by the look on her face I could see what was coming.
"Sir, you are gonna need the shot as well."
"Alright, what needs to happen from here?"
"I will need a full crew manifest and locations of all crew members. We will administer treatment in their quarters. You will then need to wait a day or two for the shot to take effect."

Two days, and one painful shot in the butt for every crew member later, we were cleared for flight. We boarded our ships and left. Upon arrival in Muvo, I cut the crews loose again but let them know that planet side leave has been pulled until further notice. I had a long talk with Ceribus about dumb ideas and he needs to be the team leader when I'm not around. I gave the station Commissioner permission to jail any of my crew if they violate my orders and left for Paara to jump clone back to Isinokka.

All I could think in my head as I undocked was,
The Peanut butter shot? You gotta be kidding......

07 March 2011


So as I was doing missions for Spacelane, it became apparent that they were learning how to fight me and beat my tank. I needed an upgrade. I began the hunt for a better tank design that would give me the edge once again. My last mission left my poor Blade of Deceit in shambles. It came down to a complete revamping of my low slots on my ship. Dropped some gear and installed better hardware than I've ever had before. It's also some of the most expensive gear I've ever put on my ship. Total value of my ship now is about 3 Billion ISK. God help me if it explodes! On a side note, my good friend and sister-in-law, Amanda Halsley, has left Firestorm Mining Division in my hands and started a hauling company all her own. Amanda's new corp, Firestorm Hauling, is still a part of the Firestorm Federation. Which is good for all of us. She is getting lots of business now and making a ton of money. That is the sum of the adventures since my last post. Catch you all on the flip side! Fly safe!

26 January 2011

The Rescue: The Story of Artemiz Entreri

   Hello, Everyone. It's time my story was told. When Kreatus Started this log, he said there is a reason behind the life debt I owe him. I was a Minmatar trader hauling from Rens to Jita. I had a steady job that paid the bills. As I was flying to Jita, a major fight broke out between the Caldari and Gallente along the border zone. Concord deemed it best that I take a new route through Amarr space. Being Minmatar I knew this wouldn't go well. The Amarr have a Special hate for the Minmatar people. They deem us to be "sub-human" and not the people to be friends with. I had a contract to finish on time and I had no choice. I did my best to not look Minmatar but it didn't work out. I was scanned down by an Amarr Slave Party, they were on contract to gather "lost" Minmatar or runaway slaves. I kicked on my tank and began fighting back with my one artillery pair on my ship. It was a futile fight but I'd rather go down fighting than give up. They knew it wouldn't take much to destroy my ship and they didn't want to loose the cargo I had so they took careful shots to slowly wear me down. Just about the time they were about to destroy me, Kreatus came out of nowhere and warped to between myself and the Slavers. He began to take the brunt of the damage and began fighting back. He sent me a message via short-range com pulse saying to warp away and meet him at the sun. I kept track of the fight with my sensors. By the time I had arrived at the sun, Kreatus had already destroyed three of the six Slaver ships. He had only a single Cruiser and two Battlecruisers left. When he had destroyed a Battlecruiser, the rest broke away and disengaged the fight. I waited patiently for his arrival hoping he wasn't going to show up in a pod. He arrived in his trademark, and I must say ironically convenient, Amarr Navy Issue Apocalypse. We began a chat and he offered to escort me to Jita to finish my contract. Of course I accepted the help, I was gonna need it for the five jumps through Amarr space I had left until Caldari space. I told him that in my family that when someone saves a life, the rescued has a life debt to the saver of said person. Kreatus said he would prefer not to but also didn't want to offend my families customs. He said that he would allow it until I had the opportunity to save him from harm. Ever since then, I have been working for a Corp he works with and sending him a share of the money as I make it. I am very grateful for the service he did for me and I will probably continue my work for him even after I save him when the chance arrives. And now you know the story of the life debt.